Aquaphor S550Ultracompact, all-in-one softening and filtration system

Salt savings up to 60%

2-in-1: water softening & iron removal

10-year warranty

AQUAPHOR softeners are an advanced alternative to the classic whole-home water softeners. The solution is exceptionally efficient, with low salt consumption and small amount of water needed for regeneration.

AQUAPHOR S550 contains 15 L of chlorine resistant ion exchange resin. It is a popular solution for hard water treatment — both in cottages and in city apartments. It is an ultra compact system, so there’s no need for a separate utility space. Moreover, it perfectly fits under the kitchen sink.

Salt savings up to 60%
Thanks to the unique tank design and extra-fine ion-exchange resin, salt efficiency is maximized.

2-in-1: water softening & iron removal
Removal of high concentration of Fe (up to 15 mg/L concentration in water) and hardness salts.

Exceptionally small water usage for regeneration
The innovative, patented Dual Core Valves of the AQUAPHOR softener assure long-term trouble-free performance whilst wasting minimal amount of water.

10-year warranty for the main parts
The high-strength thick wall made of homogeneous glass-filled composite will serve over 10 years, while classic columns typically serve less than 5 years.

Low maintenance
In addition to low salt consumption of the system, ion-exchange resin lasts 10 times longer that in typical water softeners.

Operates efficiently even at very low tap pressure

Fully recyclable body and tank

NSF certified

For your home and apartment


Protecting appliances from damage

By using soft water, you can extend the life of your household appliances. A limescale coffee machine, washing machine or dishwasher is quickly damaged.


Savings money on house maintenance

Soft water means protection of the water system against boiler scale, lower electricity bills for heating, lower consumption of detergents, beautiful appearance of textiles, as well as longer life of household appliances.


Faster and more efficient heat transfer

Soft water without scale in the furnace or boiler accelerates heat exchange, because heating elements not covered with scale consume less electricity.

Aquaphor S550 design


Standard connection diagram



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